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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about The ,ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed please visit our contact page to inquire about other topics not addressed here.


Will Medicaid Cover the Cost of My Mattress Bed?


In most cases yes, our bed/mattress is available for most states using Medicaid and/or private insurance. Additionally, we have medical supply companies available that can help you file for coverage.


Whichever company you may choose, will evaluate your child and help submit paperwork for coverage on your Medicaid or private health insurance plan.


What Steps Do I Take to Help File for Insurance Coverage?


In order for most insurance companies to cover The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed, a letter of Medical necessity from your Doctor is required to be submitted to the insurance case manager (other documentation may be requested). If your Doctor is not familiar with the ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed, please CLICK HERE to print out our product brochure to take with you on your next visit.


Can I Pay Out of Pocket for The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed?


Yes, if you would like to purchase a bed out of pocket, please give us a call at 361-767-1888 to inquire about a price quote.


Can an Infant Fit in The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed

The FDA recommends that our ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed be used for children 12 months or older for safety concerns.  In addition, we have two sizes available, the toddler version (for children up to 4ft in height) and the adolescent/adult version (for children & adults up to 6ft).



Will The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed Fit in a Crib?


The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed is not recommended to be used inside a crib. However, our bed/mattress is compatible to fit in most standard toddler and twin sized bed frames.

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