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Here at Comfy-Lift™ Mattress Bed, nothing gives us a greater feeling than knowing our product has significantly reduced a suffering child's symptoms. If you are a parent/guardian who has previously purchased one of our mattresses, please feel free to submit a personal testimony, letting us know how our product made an impact in yours and your child's life!


My son Zaine was born a very special little boy who has a rare genetic mutation of his genes known as Lissencephaly. Along with this diagnosis Zaine suffered with acid reflux, obstructive sleep apnea, and has problems talking food by mouth so he is fed by g tube. The comfy lift bed is a life saver. Zaine no longer has major issues with acid reflux or sleep apnea. It is easy to take with us to travel for hospital stays or spend the night at relatives and Zaine loves laying in it for naps, bed, and his g tube feedings and we have even used the removable wedges for tummy time. This bed has a more than one great usage for my son and it is great for special needs children. The customer service is great and easy going which is really nice for us special needs parents due to all the other stresses we have. I am VERY satisfied with Comfy Bed over all and Medicaid paid for my sons comfy bed.


-Jenny Clay


Mr. Rubio,


Thank you for working with Cherished Creations (charitable organization -available to needy families-*see our site, and apply) and us in obtaining the ComfyLiftBed for our son, Richard. We received the ComfyLiftBed on Tuesday 4/16/2013, the day before his 7th birthday. He has slept the past 3 nights soundly, without any tossing, turning or sliding down. He has actually slept through the entire night without having problems breathing and waking up and not being able to go back to sleep.


We all have not been able to get a good night sleep as far back as when he was an infant. That has changed with the ComfyLiftBed. He has been so well rested during the past 3 nights, and has been functioning so much better during the day. This has been great, since he has seizures that can be brought on by the lack of sleep.


Thank you so much again,

-Aileen K.


I wish I could come hug

all of you!


We purchased your mattress within the past month and you've saved our lives. My son Adam is 14 months old and suffers from: Failure to thrive, Severe Anthropophagi Reflux, and Severe Gastro esophageal Reflux.


He absolutely amazed us! From night 1 he puts himself to bed. Unbelievable!! He sleeps ALL night, in an "uphill" position, and then during the day when he's had enough with playing he simply crawls in his room and climbs right in and is asleep in 2 minutes.


I honestly hadn't slept more than 2-3 hours a night since March until your miraculous bed came. That's 2 1/2 months-now. I and my four year old can get 7-8 hours of completely uninterrupted sleep. As for Adam he sleeps usually 10 hours and the pump never alarms because he's so comfortable and not having the GERD pain because of the design of the bed. Oh I could run through the streets screaming with joy. I've emailed pictures of him in the bed to so many people just bragging about it.



-Melanie LaVoie

My four year old Ian was born at 29 weeks. He has always suffered from reflux and obstructive sleep apnea. After multiple reflux surgeries, he was left with nerve damage and began producing excessive amounts of mucus. He also developed Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, a predecessor of Restless Leg Syndrome.

He has been sleeping in a Comfy bed since he was 18 months old. The bed not only helps manage his medical diagnoses, but gives him comfort and allows him to grow. He has a surgical feeding tube as well. The bed makes it much easier to give him his overnight feedings.


Because of the bed, we notice less reflux, less mucus production, and more restful sleep. We love the additional wedges that can be placed at the head. or foot, under the bed to allow for additional balance between head and foot, or increased elevation for comfort, illness, etc.


Because of the medical diagnoses, we are able to get the bed covered by his Virginia state Medicaid. We plan to use Ian's bed for a long time. I highly recommend anyone with medical issues that produce positional challenges to invest in a Comfy bed. You wont regret it!


-Katie Rohr,

R.D.H., B.A.William V. Dougherty III, D.D.S.Dental Hygienist and Office Coordinator


Dear Mr. Rubio,


I wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful our family is that you have invented your comfy toddler bed. We have a 14 month little girl who has struggled with severe reflux from birth. The reflus has caused other health problems like apnea, and Lyrangomalacia. She has started improving greatly with a reflux wedge when she was smaller, but over the summer she got worse and worse. She would have breathing problems and have to be put on oxygen. Her apnea, which had been getting better had gotten worse again. A sleep study confirmed that her oxygen levels dropped when she refluxed.


We tried everything we could at home, changes in diet, amounts of food she ate, special formula, probiotics, but she kept getting worse and worse. Our Doctors had talked to us several times about surgery, but we asked for time to find another option. Things got to the point that our daughter would wake up in the night screaming from the pain of the acid burning her lungs, and since she was maxed out on medicines, there was nothing we could find to help her with the pain. We had decided we were just going to have to go through with surgery because we couldn't watch our baby suffer.


Then in the middle of the night one night, I was up still thinking of what happened between when she was getting better and when she was getting worse. I realized that about the time she started getting worse was when she outgrew her wedge. Like most other moms I know I tried elevating her in other ways, pillows, elevating the head of her bed, propping up her mattress, but those things don't work well on a wiggly toddler. She would roll to the bottom, or get in a cramped up position that only made things worse. So I began looking for something like a wedge that was made for a toddler.


That's when I came across the comfy bed. I began looking into it to see if it would help when nothing else did, and in the mean time we had another appointment at the Children's hospital where more than one of our doctors told us we couldn't keep putting off surgery. The acid was flowing into her lungs and making her sound like she had pneumonia. We were so disheartened.


But after her first night on the comfy bed she slept all night. That had never happened before. The second night was the same. No pain, just happy sleep and waking up bright-eyed. Her lungs were clear when she woke up, and as the days went on they didn't get congested during the day. Her swallowing improved to the point that she went from honey thickened liquids to nectar thick. She began taking regular naps, and the bags under her eyes went away. Bedtime used to be so hard, my daughter would fight sleep because it hurt. Now she takes my hand when she's ready for bed, hops in her little bed, lays down and goes to sleep. It's the same for naps, I just put her in her bed and she falls asleep on her own. I can't tell you what a miracle that is in itself. It is a night and day difference. She is a completely different child. This bed didn't just stop her from getting worse, she is better. And in just days.


I have not cried so many happy and thankful tears in my life. I also have not rested as well myself now that she's sleeping peacefully. Watching a baby sleep peacefully is something every parent loves to do, and we were unable to do that for over a year.

I've talked to many mothers who have tried positioning with bed pillows and things like that and it doesn't work and so are skeptical that a mattress would do any differently. I was the same. But it does make a difference. It makes a night and day difference. We were to the point that the doctors said there was nothing else but surgery, our daughter's condition was just too severe. And we saw the difference after the first night. She continues to get better each day. We are returning the monitor and oxygen this month. We now only have to buy half the amount of thickener for her food.


We are so grateful to you! Thank you so very very much for the difference you've made in our family.


This is Before the bed: Sleep studies, Monitors, oxygen, pain, fussy she was fearful and wouldn't let others hold her, even family. Always wanting food because her tummy was always upset.


-Amanda Robbins


                                                                        We felt very blessed when our twin daughters, Ava and Audrey, were released from the NICU.

                                                                        We were, in fact, blessed. Our daughters were born seven weeks early. Audrey had been born

                                                                        with a hole in her heart and developed pneumonia. Fortunately, she overcame her challenges.

                                                                        Otherwise the only problem both girls faced was acid reflux.

The doctors assured us that the medication would be enough to take care of the problem... The medication was never enough. We had to keep both girls upright between 30 minutes and an hour after every feeding. They could not lay flat on their backs or bellies. We had to burp them at every ounce of milk... In desperation I spent the day surfing the web for some type of a solution. Most sites offered some type of a wedge pillow that I could quickly see would not work. The babies were simply going to slide off! I was desperate and my babies were miserable. It was a few nights later when I discovered the "Positional Therapy Mattress Co." and their toddler bed mattress. Instantly I was sure that it would work. It just "looked right." In tears I shared my discovery with my husband and together agreed that we would just have to find some way to pay for the mattresses. We got the Comfy Bed less than a week later. The first couple of nights were hard on the girls. I don't think it was the mattresses but rather that they were no longer sleeping in their cribs. They were a bit cranky for a few days and then nothing. No crying in the middle of the night. No fussing. No cranky babies in the morning. Nothing is great! During their last check up, the pediatrician confirmed that both babies are gaining weight and doing remarkably well. Once again we are blessed, this time with Mr. Rubio's creativity. There is no question that the Comfy Bed for toddlers has improved the quality of life my girls lead. I would highly recommend it to any parent of a refluxing child. The bed works!

Ph.D. Candidate
Environmental Health, Science & Policy
School of Social Ecology
University of California, Irvine

Beau's Story

The Comfy Bed has been amazing for Beau. She is now able to get a safe and restful nights sleep, something that she hasn't had in years. Every day when she wakes in the morning she has this bright smile on her face, one that we hadn't seen in a long time. Her behavior has improved so much at school that the staff is asking what we're doing differently. She loves it so much that she wants to spending the whole day playing in it 😊 . We plan to decorate the bed in Beau's favorite colors, and using it for years to come. Please send our thanks to Mr and Mrs Grande and Cherished Creations for making all of this possible!


Buddy (Beau's Dad)

Terry's Story 

Our son has cerebral palsy which causes a movement disorder. When he outgrew the crib the CP clinic ordered him a medical bed that would keep him safe. Due to his movement though and the bigger space in the bed he would kick the sides of the bed keeping us up all night. I went back telling them we had to come up with a solution. They ordered my son a Comfy Bed to go inside of the safety bed. Not only does this help with his movement but also with his reflux. He is able to keep his body calmer during the night which allows him a good night sleep. The rest of us get a good night sleep too! We have also used this when my daughter was having asthma issues. I just don’t know what we would do without this mattress.  Sarah Latello

Tyler's Comfy Bed

He is finding relief--read

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