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The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed

We offer The ComfyAdjust-Bed (patent-pending)as a functional aid. Its purpose is to relieve acid reflux symptoms and sleep breathing disorders while your child sleeps. It is not a cure by itself, but a huge part of the overall treatment for reflux.


This bed/mattress is designed to have an elevated head rest to raise the upper body; side barriers made from mini-wedges create a concave design that cradles the child. Foot rests prevent sliding down, and may be removed as the child grows


Advantages of The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed

  • There is no need to strap down your child. Your child is able to move freely and change sleeping positions for natural, restful sleep.

  • You child does not slide off of the elevated mattress. The built-in counter-leg support allows all-night elevated positioning.

  • It is the only available Toddler Bed designed to help with sleep disorders, Acid Reflux, and respiratory difficulties in the Nation!

  • With comfort in mind, the ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed is constructed using the most advanced materials to ensure maximum comfort for your child.


The ComfyLiftBed/ComfyAdjust-Bed is Now Available in Different Sizes for Children and Adults

  • Toddler Size (CATALOG# CLB-T/CAB-T) - Designed for children from over 1 year old up to 48" in height. This model is 28"W x 51"L x 20"H overall, and fits on a toddler frame or can be freestanding for "low-to-floor" safety issues.


  • Adolescent and Adult LARGE Size (CATALOG# CLB-T/CAB-A) - Designed for children & Adults over 48" to 72" in height. This model is 39"W x 75"L x 26"H overall, and fits on a standard twin bed frame or can be freestanding for "low-to-floor" safety issues. Also, available in large adult size for over 225 lbs.


The ComfyAdjust-Bed™ has benefited children on the G-tube feeding programs. For the special needs child in mind, The ComfyAdjust-Bed with the vinyl leak-proof covers, provide easy clean-up and care.






The Adjustable Backlift (optional add-on)

  CALL FOR QUOTE 361-767-1888

Enhancing the special needs bed/mattress for the disabled child, allowing more positional options for the bed to help with daily activities other than sleeping.

-Helps for Upright Feedings

-Grooming and Brushing Made Easier

-Improved Suctioning Sessions

-Enhanced Respiratory Therapy

-Good for General Resting In the Upright Position

-Severe Reflux Occurrences Become Easier to Manage

1) TODDLER size: easily installs in Vinyl leak-proof cover. The adjusting backrest slips into sleeve under the head rest area. 



2) Adolescent/Adult size: is a twin size bed frame that elecronically adjusts up to 90 degrees



*Child should always be supervised while in the upright position*

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