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Meet the Team:


Horacio C. Rubio founded Positional Therapy Pillows

LLC in 1998. Initially as a fellow acid reflux sufferer Horacio felt

a need to design products addressing the use of positional therapy,

to relieve reflux symptoms.  As a result, ComfyLift-Bed has served thousands of acid reflux patients worldwide, with

solutions for reducing the discomfort related to this painful disease.




Dear Friends:


In 1995, I was in such bad shape that I ended up in the hospital with blood pressure of 54 over 20. I was diagnosed with an advanced case of Acid Reflux Disease that had progressed to a serious pre-cancerous condition of Barret's Esophagus.


I was bleeding badly and needed immediate medical attention. The doctors quickly gave me fluids to increase the volume in my veins and then performed an endoscopic procedure to stop the internal bleeding.


After three days in the hospital, I was released with a Prilosec prescription, and instructions on diet and how to sleep. I was told to place two blocks under the posts at the head of my bed to elevate my head while sleeping. This, in turn, would help hold the stomach acid down away from my esophagus.


That was the idea --but it didn't work! I was constantly pulling myself back up onto my pillow and the top of the bed, as I continually slid down toward the foot of the bed. I ended up doing what I gather many people do in this situation --using 3 to 5 pillows to try and find some relief so I could sleep.


After fighting with this problem for three years I felt there had to be a better way to deal with the situation. There had to be a pillow that would fit my needs. I tried the standard wedge pillow, but it was too hard, uncomfortable and didn't have enough height. I searched the stores, catalogs and the Internet for a pillow that would offer enough height with a comfortable, supportive design to do the job. To my surprise, I couldn't find one.


The end result of my search was to design my own pillow and it worked! Pillow Company was proud to share our line of products. Recently, we decided to focus on the ComfyLift-Bed exclusively. Please review our web site or call us with questions. We value your comments and your business.


Horacio Rubio
Owner---office #361-767-1888

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